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Small change can have a significant impact

About us

“smachBAG” is a family establishment, whose date of origin is the year 2020, it was created during the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team’s goal is to help people make small changes in their daily lives that have a significant impact on their well-being and safety. Also, our vision is to create the highest quality innovative product that anyone can trust to protect them against viruses and harmful bacteria. Their business distributes state of the art, innovative, and high quality Ionotech medical face masks that are nano coated with layers of copper and silver. The masks are manufactured in Germany. “smachBAG” also produces and distributes antibacterial antiviral copper pouches that are compatible with a wide array of face masks and respirators.

This establishment currently consists of 4 family members, whose day to day lives include working different jobs than one another, hence to materialize this project, they had to incorporate all the knowledge they have about their different fields to create this innovative, effective, and superb quality product that would make it’s client feel safer as well as more protected against different viruses and bacteria that we can encounter in our everyday lives, including COVID-19.


Ionotech face mask

Antibacterial / antiviral protection face mask

Disposable  medical  3-layer  face  mask,  type  II R,  filtration  efficiency  BFA  99%,  made  in Germany. These innovative new generation face masks meet the requirements for the highest quality surgical masks and are manufactured in accordance with the GMP guidelines and  the EN14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 standard (see the Certificates section).

The  non-woven  soft  material of the face mask provides comfort during long-term use. Nano treatment  of  the  outer  layer  of  the  mask  increases  the filtration efficiency and functional sustainability of  the  face  mask.

The mask consists of 3 layers:

  • Outer layer – hydrophobic non-woven layer with silver / copper nano coating;
  • Medium – high quality melt-blow filter cloth;
  • Internal – soft, absorbent non-woven fabric.
Face mask 4

Face mask and respirator pouch

Antibacterial / antiviral protection pouches for the safekeeping of medical face masks or K95 FFP2 respirators

The pouch extends the functionality as well as durability of face masks and respirators by ensuring safe, sealed off storage, and protection against bacteria and viruses. It’s convenient and practical in use.

The storage cap is made from a polypropylene nonwoven fabric with copper nano coating. The effectiveness of the Cu-nanolayer on these substrates against viruses and bacteria have been confirmed in tests performed by the Hohenstein Laboratories and Würzburg University Germany. Manufactured by using ultrasonic melting technology, which is used in the production of face masks – therefore providing high-quality, airtight seams. The recommended usage for this storage pouch is 1-2 weeks.

Antiviral and antibacterial pouch for face masks and respirators



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